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Saturday, October 13, 2018 -
Music + Festival 2018: Concert III, Chamber Music
University of Arizona, Holsclaw Hall
Tucson, AZ
Brian Luce, Tiezheng Shen, and Michelle Gott join forces for Debussy's haunting trio for flute, viola, and harp!
The eleventh annual Music + Festival will present the music of Claude Debussy, in commemoration of the 100th year since his death, and Daniel Asia, in honor of his 65th birthday and thirty years in residence at the University of Arizona’s Fred Fox School of Music. The festival will include a major conference, a symposium and seven concerts. In an expanded form, this year’s festival takes place over a full week while still being centered on the weekend. The festival will feature guest speakers and performers, as well as distinguished UA faculty, students and ensembles.
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